Zeobrite The Ultimate Swimming Pool Filter Medium for Sand Filters Zeobrite The Ultimate Swimming Pool Filter Medium for Sand Filters Zeobrite is a product of the Zeotech Corporatoin
Zeobrite Pool Filter Medium for Sand Filters
Keeps Pools
and Easier
Than Sand
Zeobrite® Xtreme
The Best Just Got Better
Xtreme Filtation Has Arrived
The Superior Filtration of Zeobrite® Filter Media has been enhanced by a patent-pending process formulated to create a “Dual Charged” media for sand filters that rivals or exceeds all other filter systems.  Zeobrite Xtreme Sand Filter Media
  • 3X the Filtering Capacity in One Turn-over
  • Quicker, Cleaner Backwash Start-ups
  • Lower Backwash Water Consumption
  • Stable with all Chemicals
Third Party independent testing shows that Zeobrite® Xtreme™ can remove over 90% of suspended particles (Turbidity) on the first water volume turn-over. Initial back-washing results show reduced backwash time, saving water consumption. Cleanability Testing resulted in thorough cleaning of the media bed. Additional testing showed Zeobrite® Xtreme™ to be very stable when subjected to high concentrations of pool chemicals such as chlorine, clarifiers and algaecides.
Zeobrite® Xtreme™ is made from a unique micro-porous mineral rock called zeolite that has a negative surface charge. Zeolite is known as an ion-exchange mineral for its ability to attract and bond certain positive charged ions. Zeotech Corporation has developed a patent-pending process to alter the Zeobrite® surface charge from negative to positive.
This process maintains the internal negative charge of the zeolite crystals, allowing the zeolite particles to become a “Dual Charged” media. This “Dual Charge” process allows Zeobrite® Xtreme™ to attract and remove both negative and positive charged particles that are suspended in pool water. These suspended particles, both charged and non-charged, result in “Turbidity” that make the water appear cloudy.


Maintaining the internal negative charge also allows Zeobrite® Xtreme™ to aid in removing excess ammonia and chloramines from pool water. This feature is especially attractive for use in commercial in-door swimming pools.


For more complete information on residential and commercial swimming pools and water parks click here to go to the Zeobrite© Xtreme web site.