Zeobrite The Ultimate Swimming Pool Filter Medium for Sand Filters Zeobrite The Ultimate Swimming Pool Filter Medium for Sand Filters Zeobrite is a product of the Zeotech Corporatoin
Zeobrite turns any Sand Filter into a SUPER Filter!
Zeobrite Pool Filter Medium for Sand Filters
Keeps Pools
and Easier
Than Sand
Used the World Over
• Backyard Pools
• Country Clubs
• Hotel & Motel Pools
• Universities
• Amusement Park Pools
• Public Aquariums
• Koi Ponds
• Filtration Plants
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Zeobrite is NSF Certified
Zeobrite is a Proud Member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals
Zeobrite® Works Great with Salt Water Systems
Zeobrite® Consumer Information
Zeobrite® turns any sand filter into a super filter. Using an all-natural zeolite mineral, Zeobrite® provides many valuble advantages over ordinary sand.
  • Provides Superior Water Clarity
  • Lowers Total Operating Cost
  • Cuts Backwashing up to 50%
  • Reduces Chloramines, Odor and Eye Burning
  • Filters Particles Down to 3 Microns
  • Environmentally Safe, All Natural
The Twin Cleaning Powers of Zeobrite®

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral formed millions of years ago.Viewed under an electron microscope, the granules reveal void spaces as small as 3 microns. Small particles of clay and silt suspended in water are trapped in the void spaces. Molecular sieving occurs when water contaminants such as ammonia and chloramines are adsorbed and chemically locked onto the zeolite granules.

The combination of physical entrapment of fine particles and molecular sieving of contaminants makes zeolite a superb water filtration media and produces superior water clarity compared to regular sand media.

Best of all, Zeobrite® lasts just as long as sand. And when it’s finally time for replacement, all natural Zeobrite® can be mixed into your garden soil, planter boxes or spread over your lawn as a natural soil enhancer.

Why Zeobrite® Filters Better Than Sand
Campare Zeolite to Sand
Zeolites are so effective at filtering that is was estimated in 2004 they were in use in over 100,000 pools in the U.S.
Installation Guide
Download this illustrated PDF Installation Guide. You will see how in just 10 easy steps you can install Zeobrite and be on your way to having your filter become a "super filter".
More Guides & Information
The following PDF documents will provide you additional information and help
for Zeobrite and your swimming pool.
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Installing Zeobrite® Filtration on New and Existing Pools
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