Zeobrite The Ultimate Swimming Pool Filter Medium for Sand Filters Zeobrite The Ultimate Swimming Pool Filter Medium for Sand Filters Zeobrite is a product of the Zeotech Corporatoin
Zeobrite turns any Sand Filter into a SUPER Filter!
Zeobrite Pool Filter Medium for Sand Filters
Keeps Pools
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Schlitterbahn Water Parks Use Zeobrite
Schlitterbahn Water Parks
Public Aquariums Use Zeobrite
Public Aquariums
Zeobrite® Commercial Information
And you thought Zeobrite® was just for backyard pools.

Zeolites were first used in the 1970's in the U.S in the filtration of wastewater and radioactive material. In the 1980's they were first used in pools and in the 1990's they were starting to be used in commercial pools.

Today the use of Zeobrite® natural zeolite filtration media for potable water systems is widespread. It is still used in filtration of wastewater and municipal pools, but the effectiveness and cost benefits has made it a popular choice for many hotel and motel pools, amusement park pools as well as large public aquariums.
Hotels & Motels Use Zeobrite in teh Swimming Pools
Hotels & Motels

Microporous zeolite media contains a large surface area for entrapment of suspended particles down to colloidal size.

Angularity of zeolite grains and tapered internal pore spaces allow for removal of suspended solids by bridging, straining, adhesion, adsorption and flocculation.


Headloss is decreased compared to silica sand due to more void space through the media.

Depth of filtration is achieved with turbid particles being able to load deeper into the media.

Zeobrite® can function as a rapid-rate or slow-rate filter media.


Backwash to achieve a clean bed is performed rapidly with air sparge and 20 percent bed lift.

Once the bed is broken up with surface scour and /or air sparge, Zeobrite® cleans in 5 to 6 minutes with 15 to 18 gpm/ft2 water flow.

Benefits of Using Zeobrite®
  • Provides Superior Water Clarity
  • Lowers Operating Costs
  • Cuts Backwashing up to 50%
  • Reduces Chloramines, Odors and Eye Burning
  • Filters Particles Down to 3 Microns
  • Environmentally Safe, All Natural
  • Reduction in Backwashing Frequency Conserves Make-up Water Consumption
  • Reduced Backwash Water Saves Sewer Costs
  • Lower Make-up Water Requirements Reduce Heating Costs and Chemical Adjustments.
  • Reduced Pressure Drop Through the Filter Saves Circulating Pump Power.
  • Chemical Demand and Need for Superchlorination is Reduced.
  • Labor Costs are Reduced by Additional Time Saved.
Costs Savings With Zeobrite®
It is estimated that for a 150,000 gallon indoor pool using a conventional sand filter that requires backwashing weekly, the total annual savings could exceed $4,000.
Paragon Aquatics achieves NSF listing for the use of zeolite in their Stark sand filters.
NSF Notification